Archie the Rat

This website is dedicated to our beloved pet Archie. He is loved, he is missed.

I hope to share a little about the joy of having a rat for a pet, and some helpful information for rat owners, especially when dealing with illness.



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Medical Care & Nebulization

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About Chronic and Fatal Illness in Pets

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About Us

This is a video of Archie at the doctor's office in his little traveling cage. He was very friendly, loving, sweet and kind, and he had a remarkable amount of personality and charm.

If you are considering getting a rat as a pet, this will demonstrate how sweet and interactive rats can be. Please note that Archie was not feeling really well at this time because of a chronic respiratory infection, sometimes called chronic respiratory disease, but nevertheless he was still loving and affectionate and engaging and every wonderful thing you can imagine.



Archie loved to hide under blankets.


This is Archie when he was younger. Adorable!


Archie eating a few spaghetti noodles on the day after Christmas. Rats hold their food in their hands just like people.


Archie sleeping in a towel.




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Please seek advice and treatment from a qualified Veterinarian if your rat is ill.