Archie the Rat

This website is dedicated to our beloved pet Archie. He is loved, he is missed.



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About Us


About us:

I am a graphic artist and my fiancee is a computer programer. We built this website in a single evening immediately after coming home from the vet without Archie. We put him to sleep at my request even though it strongly goes against my beliefs. This was after 4 months of antibiotics, 2 months of nebulizations, lots of time, expense and heartache. His respiratory disease was chronic and would be fatal and his health was slipping rapidly at the end.

If this website looks slapdash and lackluster, that's because it is meant to be informational and helpful only. This is my first day without my little boy Archie and I miss him so much, so I'm trying to build something for other rats like him and other people like us who want our pets' lives to be as great as can be. This website was my fiancee's idea and it really is helping me feel a bit better.

For months I woke up every morning knowing I had to nebulize Archie as soon as possible, but first give him his meds because he wouldn't want to take them after being nebulized, then clean up from all that, then start my day. It was tough but it was always worth it. I didn't expect it to feel so empty and lonesome waking up with nobody needing me.