Archie the Rat

This website is dedicated to our beloved pet Archie. He is loved, he is missed.



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About Us

So if you're planning to get a small animal for a pet, there are many options to consider. I had only ever owned cats, my dad had two dogs, and I'd once known a guy who once had a rat when he was a teenager and I thought that was very wierd.

So I did a lot of research and I didn't find any good pictures or videos of rats which is why there are so many on my website. Take into consideration that Archie was not feeling all that well in my videos, and they were taken while waiting in the doctor's office, but you can still see how awsome he was. So here are a lot of cool facts about rats:


- Rats use their hands like people do. When you hand them a treat, they will usually grab it in their hands and hold it and eat it just like we would. They will climb their cages like little monkeys and when they want to come out they stand there with their hands on the bars looking just like some guy in jail.

- Rats use their tails like monkeys do. They use their tails to climb or grab stuff - not all the time, but a lot. If you are trying to pick them up and they don't want to go, they may grab onto the bars of their cages with their tails. It is very cute. Their tails are very long and it's easily overlooked so don't pinch their tails in the door.

- Rats eat people food. They should get proper rat food in order to stay healthy, but fruits and vegis make for terrific rat treats. Plus it's a good excuse to keep healthy foods in your house for you to eat too. Here are some food that are generally considered healthy for rats (in moderation):

Blueberries, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli

Uncooked pasta, Un-sweetened Cereal (Archie loved Cheerios)

Archie loved peanuts but be careful since some rats are allergic and no rat should get too much protien.

A special occasion treat (not much and not often) would be a shread of cheese, a couple of nuts, a bit cooked eggs or yogurt, small pieces of toast, tortillas or other bread items.

Rats will eat most anything you eat so you can generally give them a tiny bit of your lunch or dinner. A crumb to you is a lot to them and really you only want to give them a taste of life's experiences, not a big tummy and a host of health-problems.



An important note about buying a pet rat:

Some pet stores sell pet rats, some sell rats to feed snakes, and some just sell rats. Buy your rat from a good source with a knowledgeable staff, or buy from a breeder. Spend more - the cheap rats are feeder rats. It doesn't matter what genetic problems a rat has if the buyer is just going to feed him to a snake. Even the big chain stores who seem like pros can still sell unhealthy rats!!

* Buy a rat who is bred from healthy parents so you can avoid health problems and expensive vet bills.*

If you see a cage with a LOT of adorable baby rats, stay away! These overcrowded cages indicate rats who are meant for food, not for pets, and the pet store clerks will probably NOT understand this if you ask them.

Don't hesitate to spend an extra ten bucks or drive a few more miles. You'll spend more time and money on vet visits if you get an unhealthy rat.




I love you Archie and I'm glad I saved you from becoming a snake's dinner, but the next owner may not have the kind of time or money it takes to care for a sick rat.