Archie the Rat

This website is dedicated to our beloved pet Archie. He is loved, he is missed.



Why a rat is a really awesome pet

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About Chronic and Fatal Illness in Pets

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About Us

There are a lot of websites out there with excellent advice on rat care. Unlike the pet store attendant, the people who make these websites really know and care about rats. Unlike your vet, the websites are available 24/7 with answers that you don't know you'll need until you need them.

Decisions about food and litter choices make a big difference for the health of a rat. I don't feel compelled to repeat information that can easily be found elsewhere, but I will give you these links for sites I've visited that had information that was very helpful to me.

Don't believe the first thing you read - get a few opinions and if you see a discrepancy, ask your vet.


You can also do a google search for "pet rat care" "rat respiratory infection" or any other issues or questions on your mind.