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This website is dedicated to our beloved pet Archie. He is loved, he is missed.



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About Respiratory Infections:

Rats get respiratory infections like people do. It is a common problem for rats, but it can also be fatal. Here are a few helpful tips.

- Buy a pet rat who was meant to be a pet, not one who was meant for snake food. Buy from a good source, do a bit of research, buy from a breeder or a store with a small animal specialist who can answer questions and a staff who plays with the small animals and cares for them.

- When you notice a sniffle or excessive sneezing, GO TO THE VET. If you wait, your rat with have damage to his lungs and sinuses and this damage will cause MORE problems later and LESS chance for recovery.


Here are some warning signs:

- LACK OF APPETITE: Rats love food. If your rat doesn't seem as interested in food, something is wrong.

- UNABLE to RECOGNIZE FOOD: He's eating but he doesn't seem to excited when you offer him food. This may mean he can't smell it because his nose is stuffed up.

- OPEN-MOUTH BREATHING: Bad sign, especially in combination with the above.

- FLUFFY: If your rat's fur seems fluffier than usual, this is a sign of distress. Maybe he just looks bigger than usual, but this may be because his coat is all puffed up. It may be nothing, but if your rat looks fluffy and you notice any other symptoms, it may be time to go to the vet.

- GASPING: Very bad sign - go to the vet or emergency clinic NOW.

- JUMPING or HOPPING: If your rat is nervously jumping or hopping from one place to another, this could also be a sign of respiratory distress (see URGENT SIGNS).

- URGENT SIGNS: Open mouth with a gacking or clicking sound when he tries to breath. He could be running or looking frantic. He may be seeking higher ground to stand on. He may be jumpy or seem to be hopping. Go to the vet or emergency clinic NOW NOW NOW!!!!! He may have only hours left to live without immediate help.



Go to the page that says "Medical Care and Nebulization" for important (but not urgent) information that may save your rat's life.